Important Information

All old ("green") licences are still valid.

On 2018-06-07, the Constitutional Court delivered a judgement which states that the relicencing provisions of the Firearm Control Act of 2000 are not unconstitutional.

This means that if you have a "white" licence, you need to apply to renew it 90 days or more before the expiry date of that licence.

If you do not apply before the 90-day deadline, you have 90 days to dispose of the firearm.

However, on 2018-07-27 Judge Prinsloo ruled that people with expired licences may not be arrested or prosecuted.

Once your licence has expired, you can not sell the firearm, neither can you re-licence it. You are, effectively, in limbo, waiting for the matter to go to court again.

In the 90-day period before your licence expires, we can book your firearm into our books, and then issue you with a SAPS 271 form for you to re-apply for a licence for the firearm. Contact us for details about our cheap gun storage options.


To be frank, paperwork is a pain. That's why we charge for that separately. This keeps the storage cost down to the bare minimum. The less you bug us, the cheaper it is to store your guns.

Paperwork for one firearmR100
Paperwork for five or more firearmsR500 + R50 per additional firearm
Paperwork for ten or more firearmsR700 + R20 per additional firearm
Storage (15% discount if paid in advance) Handgun Long gun
Per monthR25R50

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    We are in Bellville, close to the corner of Voortrekker and Durban Roads. For security reasons, we don't disclose our actual address on the internet.

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Fine Print (Terms & Conditions)

  • By appointment only
  • Holy Hand Grenade shall store all firearms in its SAPS approved strong room comforming to SANS 953-2:2003 Category BC.
  • Holy Hand Grenade shall take reasonable steps to ensure the safe and secure storage of firearms
  • Holy Hand Grenade shall take reasonable steps to ensure that the strong room is temperature and humidity controlled
  • Holy Hand Grenade shall take reasonable steps to ensure that firearms are maintained in a good condition
  • However, storage shall be at the owner's risk
  • Please note that firearms are not insured
  • Holy Hand Grenade reserves the right to recover accumulated storage fees before releasing a firearm

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